Multi-day dive packages

Dive the Wall, Reefs, Wrecks & the Pier



There are so many sites around St. Croix that you are going to want to dive and explore – the epic and stunning Cane Bay Wall, wrecks, reefs, and the Frederiksted Pier. You can’t do it all in one day, so we offer discounts for Multi-Day Dive Packages.

Dive into adventure and savings with us. Customize your diving experience and discover the best of St. Croix!

Here’s How

To book multiple dives at one time using our online booking system:

  1. Click the “BOOK DIVE TOURS” button
  2. Choose your first Scuba Dive Tour
  3. Choose the number of divers you are paying for and the date
  4. Enter your name, email, telephone
  5. After you’ve added your first dive, choose “Continue Shopping” at the bottom of the screen and choose your next dive and date
  6. Continue until you have added all the dives you wish to book
  7. Add the coupon code that corresponds with the number of dive days chosen at checkout

Multi-Day Dive Coupon Codes

Dive dates do not need to be consecutive!

  • TWOTANK3 – $6 off per person when diving for 3 days with Cane Bay Dive Shop
  • TWOTANKBOAT4 – $12 off per person when diving for 4 days with Cane Bay Dive Shop
  • TWOTANKBOAT5 – $20 off per person when diving for 5 days with Cane Bay Dive Shop

Our most popular option is the five-day package, featuring a night dive at the pier, extra discounts, and shore dives! 


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For all scuba diving activities, Personal Dive Insurance is always recommended. Choose plans from DAN  or DiveAssure