St. Croix Dive Sites

The best scuba diving in the U.S. Virgin Islands is along “The Wall” that runs about 7 miles parallel to the North Shore of St. Croix. Cane Bay Dive Shop has a prime location on this northern shore. We offer our divers more than twenty different dive sites to explore within one mile in either direction as well as the "must-do" Frederiksted Pier the Wrecks at Butler bay and other west end dives.


diver hanging from the vertical wall


Rated as one of the top dive sites in the entire Caribbean, this locale has something for everyone. Less than 100 yds from shore, and at a starting depth of only 30-40 ft., it is a beautiful living coral garden filled with soft and hard corals of every type. Teeming with tropical fish and aquatic life, this site is truly a diver's dream.

The famous Cane Bay Wall drops from 40 to over 3,200 ft. and includes vertical and slow sloping areas. Nineteenth century anchors and large deep water sea life can be found along the wall.

Cane Bay offers several different dive sites from one easy beach entry. A night dive along the wall is an experience not soon forgotten and the photo opportunities are fantastic.


Beach or boat dive.Mild currents make this a great beginner drift dive. A beautiful place to see the wall with a depth of 25-60 ft. This site is the place to observe sea turtles and huge schools of tropical portion of the Wall is extremely impressive with a constantly developing reef. This site offers the abilty for large fish along with the macro life to be seen in the same area. Twin Palms is less than two minutes from the shop and offers nice snorkeling as well.


Beach or boat dive. Located less than two minutes by boat, Pavilions has plenty to offer. Beautiful living coral and sponges along a slow sloping wall at a depth of 40-80 ft. provide a home for an abundance of tropical fish and sea life. With an easy beach access Pavilions offers great snorkeling opportunities as well.


Beach or boat dive. Only five minutes from Cane Bay by boat this site is very special. Considered on of the best dives on St. Croix,the wall at North Star begins at the closest point to the beach, on the north shore. Just off the edge in 50ft of water lies a cave that provides a napping place for critters of all sizes. This site is known for its schools of wrasse els, sting rays and many more....


Boat dive. Sea Mount is located five minutes from Cane Bay. This seldom dove site is truly spectacular! At a depth of 60-110 ft. You will find an underwater mountain with a huge cavern teeming with tropical fish and sea life. This intermediate to advanced level dive is one of the many wonders of St. Croix's beautiful north shore.


Beach or boat dive. Davis Bay is just a eight minute boat ride from Cane Bay. At a depth of 40-100 ft. there are unusual sand canyons leading to a sheer vertical wall. Lots of rays and turtles keep all the tropical fish company at this dive site.St Croix reef


Beach or boat dive. This site is an easy dive at 40-100 ft. There are a lot of beautiful living coral and sponges at this seldom dove spot. A large array of tropical fish make this a great snorkeling site too!


Boat dive. A favorite spot of local fisherman. Due to the location, we are the only dive shop to visit this rarely dove site. Located less than ten minutes from Cane Bay, this site is a great place to see Caribbean lobsters! With a depth of 25-100 ft. this location is abundant with sea life and tropical fish.


This site was well named prior to the Captain Morgan team joining St Croix.Once you drop off the boat at this site you will find yourselevs just feet away from a drastic drop wreck diving in St Croixof the wall. This is a fantastic walldivewith your eyes watching all the creatures on the wall as well as the blue open water for what ever is passing by.


Beach or boat dive. Proctors offers a slow sloping wall of beautiful coral and sponges from a depth of 30-100 ft. You'll have trouble naming all the different fish you see here! Proctors is only about six minutes from Cane Bay Dive Shop.


Boat dive. This is a truly spectacular dive site. Due to the location, we are the only dive shop to visit this rarely dove site. With a depth of 30-120 ft., Ham's Bluff offers a slow sloping wall, pristine coral, swim thru's, and an abundance of Angel fish.


Boat dive. This site is located less than ten minutes from Cane Bay Dive Shop. Nicknamed the Pipeline, this 40-100 ft. dive boats beautifully colored soft coral and is a great place to see nurse sharks.

THE WRECKS AT BUTLER BAYSt Croix three anchors dive

This is an area of five different wrecks, shallow and deep. The deep wreck, the Rosa Maria, is a freighter located in about 90 ft of water. Several ships ,tug boat, fishing trolley, barge, and the old habitat are located in more shallow waters, and are great for beginner wreck dives. This spot if often teeming with tropical fish. The wrecks are beautifully encrusted with live coral and sponges. This is an excellent photo dive.


Boat dive. A shallow dive at 35-70 ft., this is a great beginner dive. You'll see lots of tropical fish and maybe a big green moray eel! Gentle Winds is located less than fifteen minutes from Cane Bay.St Croix sea turtle


This reef has all the health and fish life St Croix has to offer. From West Indian Sea Eggs, stingray cleaning stations, and the passing of turtles.This is a great reef for beginner divers with the depth at only 40ft. This site boasts several different coral formations and plenty of tropical fish.


This is a west end reef just south of the pier. This site offers a variety of coral and fish life. There is a slight ridge that runs from about 45-95 ft before it reaaches the sandy bottom. This is a great beginner wall dive as it really is a "mini wall". The coral provides homes for nurse sharks, sea turtles, and lobsters.


Boat dive. This is a nice wall dive with a depth of 30-100 ft. This dive site is located less than fifteen minutes from Cane Bay. This site will remind you of a visit to the Grand canyon. Each side of the canyon has its own appeal. Many turtles, dolpins, and sharks have been seen at this site. Enjoy exploring the many swim throughs.


Shore Dive. A terrific beginning night dive! The old pier was chosen as one of the best macro dives in the world. Although torn down after suffering severe hurricane damage, several structures from the original pier are still standing.

Called Dolphins, these huge pillars are bathed in spectacular corals and sponges. The new pier structure is a beautiful spot to see coral beginning its new life. This is the place to see Sea Horses! Lots of unusual fish and sea life such as bat fish, frog fish, various eels, living shells, and Caribbean lobster call this spot home. An exciting photo dive. Plus Many Special Sites for Advanced Divers Like Vertigo, The Trench, and more...